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    Artificial intelligence that shapes itself to your life. Other Mind is attuned to your habits, learning your requirements and able to solve problems almost before you know they exist.

  • Simple, Single Point Of Connection

    It’s time to reclaim the freedom to explore, create, enjoy and connect in your real life. Available on iOS & Android.

Other Mind has made connecting with others simple, so you can focus on reconnecting with life in a meaningful way.

Talk With Anyone

Connecting with others has become effortless with an app full of engaging communication, real-time language translation and interactive group sharing. Talk to anyone, anytime with no limits.

Send Anything

Easily share every memorable moment through photos, files, and videos. Other Mind will change the way you organize your events with others. Safely send and receive money and cryptocurrency instantly.

Communicate in Any Way

Stay in touch with family and friends when you desire with text, voice and impeccable face-to-face video calling. With native apps for iOS and Android, you can interact with almost anyone on the go.

Be Anywhere

Live in the moment, anywhere. Check in on close ones at any time — keep up with their lives all while living out your own. An innovative and refreshing way to share life’s latest adventures.

Other Mind Features


Create your own following, share your latest insights on the world, and stay in tune with those you follow, all in real-time.


Automatically create a localized Group Chat using a geofence. Other Mind enables your friends and family to join in and share the memories..


Don’t let language barriers stop you from connecting with friends from all over the world. Communication has never been easier with Other Mind's remarkable ability to translate text automatically.

Send Money

Remove unneeded and costly intermediaries. Transfer hard and crypto currency securely with one click.

Machine Learning & AI

With Other Mind’s proprietary way of collecting intelligence, it is learning and automating each interaction to fit your unique needs. Other Mind simply make's life easier.

Live Broadcasting

Other Mind offers a simple, one-click solution to Live Broadcasting. Whether you are reaching the masses or a few of your closest friends we have taken live broadcasting to a new level of simplicity with maximum capacity.

June 28, 2018 Los Angeles, CA

Other Mind Closes Seed Funding Round to Create a New Category of Intelligent Assistant to Simplify Your Digital Life

Next Generation AI and Active Learning Automates Digital Interactions and Manages Routine Daily Tasks. Other Mind, Inc. the first intelligent assistant that simplifies your digital life, today announced the close of its seed funding round. Other Mind will use the funding to finalize platform development and drive product enhancements and testing, with a view to launching in late 2018. Other Mind is the first intelligent assistant that simplifies your digital life, helping you escape from the screen and spend more time in the real world. It uses next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) and active learning to automate your digital interactions and manage the routine daily tasks that keep you tied to your phone...

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Other Mind Press Release

One App To End The Rule Of The Rest.

Other Mind was made to harmonize with your life rather than drown it out. It is a next generation assistant that learns from your behaviors, instinctively developing its understanding to evolve with your life. Other Mind has taken the concept of a virtual assistant from novelty to reality and dared to imagine a world without work. This invisible interface is your single connection to the digital world, automating the routine, without making a scene. You’re just a tap away from minimizing the mundane and liberating your attention.

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